We work closely with a wide range of international/local climate investment entities, credible manufacturers/wholesalers/distributors of renewable energy & energy efficient systems/products, and international actors focused on achieving sustainability within the built environment  such as the UNEPUSGBC; the WorldGBC;  and particularly the IFC through its EDGE Buildings and EDGE Expert programs, to advise and incentivize urban property developers/owners into incorporating clean energy & energy efficiency at the planning, design, build & operational stages of their properties.

This is achieved via a twin strategy of highlighting the opportunities and benefits connected with green building through one-on-one consultative/advisory engagements and larger industry themed events on the one hand, and on the other; providing cheaper, more flexible ‘alternative’ financing solutions that reduce the initial burden of the upfront costs associated with procuring renewable energy systems and energy efficient products – thus making the decision to adopt green building practices a lot easier for our clients.

GreenSquareMetre also undertakes the development of green buildings itself, and/or in partnership with third parties who could be land owners, property developers or construction companies.

To book a consultation with us, send an email to info@greensquaremetre.com. We typically respond to consultation requests within 2 business days.